What Would You Be Without Them?

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 24th Feb 2022

Employees, Where Would You Be Without Them?

Next week Friday March 4, 2022 is Employee Appreciation Day! 

Never underestimate the power of a sincere Thank You. One size doesn't fit all, but make sure any form of recognition is specific, timely and thoughtful.  There are many ways to show gratitude for how/what they contribute to your company.

Appreciation can be expressed in many ways.  Hopefully you have been a good listener and know about their needs and likes. When I was living in CA and had to take the freeway to work (the traffic was horrendous both coming and going), my boss saw the value I brought to his practice and allowed my to arrive later and leave earlier. He also later started to pay for my parking!  Here at Carried Away Gifts, we have clients that have an intake form for each employee.  It includes all their favorites, from restaurants, snacks, hobbies etc.  When it's time to send them a gift, we can personalize it making it special knowing these things. Knowing they like chocolate is great, but do they prefer white, milk, dark or are they vegan? Do they prefer coffee or tea?  Nut allergies? 

While every employee is unique, people want to be seen, heard and understood. Professional growth is important, so possibly be willing to invest in them through continuing education and broadening their skill sets.  One of my childhood friends had a PT job at KFC in high school.  That's the only company she has worked for and now holds the position as HR manager for the whole east coast for Yum (KFC, Taco Bell, & Pizza Hut),  pretty impressive I'd say.

Let us not forget the virtual & those working from home. Sending a coffee break to their home home or letting them know they are one of Virginia's Finest can go a long way.  Some other ways to show gratitude could be a catered lunch, a paid afternoon off, a close parking space, flowers, an Amazon gift card, or even identity theft protection.

Let us know if we can help in any way.  Carried Away Gifts ships nationwide!

Next Friday is one day, but remember the other 364 days!

Off to do some Gratitude Gifting