It's All About The Little Things

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jan 2022

It's All About The Little Things

What will you do differently with your business this year?

Whether you are a soloprenuer or part of a large to midsize company, you have to look to do things a little differently then your competition and keep things fresh.  Carried Away Gifts travels down a few avenues to help our clients do just that. Implementing just one of the gifting programs will set you apart with employees and clients.  

It's all about the little things. Think how it makes you feel when you receive something when you least expect it.  It's all about the mailbox not the inbox. We have gained new clients from being on the receiving end of the gifts.  So whether you do things yourself or sub contract a company like  Carried Away Gifts, as Nike says...Just Do It!

Our gifting programs consist of Birthday, Gift of the Month (GOM), College Care, and Real Estate.  Once set up, it's turnkey, just leave it to me!  We find our clients use the GOM to thank for their time, referrals and business. 

Just to mention a few of the big guys, KFC & Taco Bell send a gift to the locations that exceed their quarterly goal and they make sure that if 19 employees are at that location they are at least 19 individually wrapped snacks are included.  Comcast at the beginning of every month has a cake to celebrate that month's birthdays AND also partakes in our Birthday Program for their employees to have something sent to their homes as not all employees come to the office. 

Since Covid, many offices are finding that working from home is working so they aren't returning to the office. So they arent doing luncheons, holiday or birthday celebrations.  They are sending GOM to their employees.  Every month it is different. Sending smiles across the miles is proving to be a big morale booster. We are sending coffee breaks and happy hour zoom boxes for their meetings. 

A little Gratitude Gifting goes a long way!  It's a new year, what will you do differently?

Happy to chat, get on my calendar today!

Off to send some smiles today

Creatively yours,

 ~ Presently