Do You Know A Puzzler?

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 11th Jan 2023

Perhaps You Didn't Know

 During Covid, a puzzling time to say the least, puzzles became a big pastime. They not only helped pass the time, but it was something families could do together. I think Amazon cleared all their puzzle inventory during that time.

Many of us, doing jigsaw puzzles is simply a fun and entertaining activity that you can do to spend your time. Little did we know, it subtly improves many aspects of our brain. When entertaining I like to put out a puzzle, you'd be surprised how it draws people to that table. They gather around the watering hole so to speak.

With so many working remotely, a jigsaw puzzle with a few snacks would be a fun unique gift.

Carried Away Gifts is happy to say that we are now carrying a variety of puzzles. From 1000 piece traditional puzzles, to unique shaped wooden puzzles and 150 piece Micro puzzles that fit into test tubes.  Our new website is comming soon, so there are only a few options currently, take a peek.  

If you want a puzzle added to your gift just give us a call  703-973-6300 , we have many themes to choose from.

Do you know a Puzzler or Dissectologist?


There are actually benefits to doing jigsaw puzzles:

~ it improves your short term memory

~ it exercises both the left & right side of your brain

~ it improves your visual-spatial reasoning

~ it allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones

~ it's a perfect quiet & alone time hobby 

~ it's a stress reliever

Off to relieve some stress!

 Creatively yours, ~ Presently