Gifting Programs



Our Birthday Program keeps you top of mind with clients when they least expect it.                   We offer four $5 choices.                                                                                                                                   Birthday Popcorn, Birthday tea & cookies, Birthday Tea Cards, Celebration Mug Cake

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Our Gift of the Month Program, designed to keep you top of mind with your clients. Gifts are under $15 each and are related to the holiday that month or the time of year. Attached is your card with a clever tag line.                                                                                                                                   If interested fill out the form below






Our College Care Program, designed to send your favorite college students a monthly gift of their favorite snacks and something useful for school. A lot of colleges provide these, but the feedback that we receive is they love receiving something that no one else does.                      Fill out form below to receive FREE list of College Essentials & College Care Order Form





Our Winery Program provides grab n’ go snack boxes to have on site at wineries. No refrigeration needed. Includes personal size individually wrapped wine infused cheeses, crackers, nuts, olives, spreader, napkin and a wee bit of chocolate.                                                         If interested fill out the form below




Our Real Estate Program, we do Custom Closing gifts, Homiversary gifts, Referral gifts & Pop-Bys. We can even design your very own webpage on our site.

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