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9/11 God Isn't Finsihed With Me Yet

Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 1st Sep 2017

I think with my generation, there are 2 times that come to mind when people ask do you remember where you were when ... JFK was shot and more recently 9/11.Do you remember were you wher … read more

To Cool For School

Posted by ~Patrice DeHaven on 24th Aug 2017

                                 &n … read more

It's A Small World After All

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 19th Aug 2017

One of my favorite things to do is network.  I'm a people person so I love the connecting aspect and the learning part from meeting new people.I've had 2 meetings this week at the 'popular' … read more

Hostess Gifts for the Summer

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jul 2017

Hostess Gifts for the SummerIt's that time of year for grillin' !We are invited to BBQ's, cookouts, and picnics.Hostess gifts are always thought about for the holidays, but what about the su … read more

School's Our For Summer ♪ ♫

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jul 2017

It's that time of year again ... School's Out For Summer ♪ ♫ ♪Graduation parties are happening everywhere.  Not only for high school and college, but kindergarten, elementary and middle school to … read more

There are all types of Moms

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 8th May 2017

Mother's Day is approaching.  Will your day consist of a fun day celebrating these wonderful women with family OR a SKYPE session because there are too many miles between you OR mi … read more