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What is love to you?

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 21st Feb 2017

Love means different things to different people. This Valentine's Day, we had sent the normal love sentiments with chocolates, some cute plush bears etc. We also had a few unusual requests. These orders started out on our website, but ended up with phone calls. 

One gentleman wanted to send a Valentine to a certain lady friend, but absolutely no hearts please and if you can avoid the color red that would be great.  I didn't want to pry and didn't ask questions.  He did have the card say 'Happy Valentine's Day!'

The 2nd was a female sending to a gentleman and his young daughter. She was from Mexico and it was being delivered in my area.  She spoke broken English so needed help with the checkout procedure.  I was happy to be online and guide her through the process.  She ended up customizing her gift instead of choosing one from our site and increased her budget :)  She wanted to think about how the card should read so she sent me an email with the sentiment.  It was written in Spanish, this was a 1st for me.  I wrote it exactly how she did...with upside down exclamation marks!

The 3rd was truly special and sweet. An older gentleman was sending to his wife who suffers from alzheimer's.  He said most days she doesn't recognize him but she was the love of his life.  He just wanted a little something with individually wrapped cookies and chocolates. His card was signed 'love from your lucky husband'.

We continued our Valentine's tradition with a heart shaped pizza...YUM!


~Presently feeling the love