GRADS, Dads, and Teachers Oh My! PART 2

Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 4th Jun 2018

                                                    GRADS, Dads, and Teachers Oh My!

Here goes Part 2 ...


It's that time of year for graduation celebrations. Graduating from Kindergarten, High School, College and everything in between, it's a time to Celebrate.

There's the celebration planning ... at your home-need tables, chairs, tent? ... a restaurant-need reservations? ... a community center-need reservation? ... a pavilion at a park-need reservation?

There's the food ... catering? ... desserts? ... special Congrats Cake?... decorating? ... invitations-mail or create a Facebook event? ... favors? ... THE GIFT-money, how much - something practical? ... Thank You's ... YES, hand written!

Some celebrations will take more planning then others and a lot more slepping!

My family had 2 high school graduates the same year, so they did a combo Graduation Party.  They weren't from the same town(1/2 hr away from each other), our family would be celebrating both of them so it was a win win for everyone and turned out great.

One year we received 7 invites for high school graduations...SEVEN! OMGoodness and only one of them was family, which was in another state. How did we handle attending the celebrating...we choose the 1st invitation we received. Of course we sent gifts to them all.


This can be as simple as going out for special ice cream like Sweet Frog or a pizza for the family at Chuck E Cheese.

A cookie or candy bouquet would make perfect gifts for these little ones.




A place like Dave & Busters or The Zone is always a fun place for a family eats and a little game playing can be enjoyed by all afterwards.

The gift could be things that they could use in their lockers, like a magnetic mirror and shelves.


Depending on your invite list, maybe renting a pavilion at the park would make the perfect place for the celebration.  This would involve the most slepping for sure, but no mess at your house!

The usual gift is money, but make it fun...attach it to something like their favorite treat. Fold it, wrap it creatively.

OR gift them the gift of a CollegeCarePackage , they will love you for it!  Choose to send 1 or 1 every month.



Wow what an accomplishment!

As far as the celebration you can pull out all the stops and go for a weekend family cruise or a trip to LV. It all depends on you.  Now that they are all grown up, this could be the last family vacation together as a family for a while.  This in itself is 'the gift', I know I'd love it!

If you choose to have a party, money is always the usual as mentioned above.  This was done for a college grad of Chinese Studies.  Make it special! A clear Chinese takeout container, complete with $ rolled as diplomas, fortune cookies and a panda.


I hope you found some inspiration whether you are the parent of a graduate or attending a graduation celebration.

Creatively yours,