Grads, Dads and TEACHERS Oh My! PART 1

Posted by Presently AKA Patrice DeHaven on 25th May 2018

                                                  Grads, Dads, and TEACHERS Oh My!

It's happening, a crazy time of year with schools ending,  graduations, and then there is Father's Day right around the corner. This is Part 1 and we will start with Teachers.


Id like to share some insight with you about teacher gifts. Having teachers as friends, getting their feedback and stopping by a particular yard sale was a huge eye opener for me. There are numerous times throughout the school year you are gifting those wonderful patient teachers, and not that your gifts aren't appreciated, BUT... mugs, ornaments, apple everything and anything times 30+ students per year you can only imagine. As I mentioned 'that yard sale'...I stopped with a friend that was a teacher at a yard sale. The yard was full of tables and tables  of teacher related mugs, ornaments and apple something in every way shape and form. This woman had just retired after teaching for 25 years so you can only imagine, and then she said this isn't everything! We chatted and she shared a few stories and then we were on our way. Bottom line is 'teachers are mugged to death'! NO we didn't purchase anything for our daughters teachers, which most were in the boxes and could have been re-gifted very easily. Elementary teachers always receive gifts, middle & high school teachers as a rule don't...there are too may of them.

Some suggestions for those gifts...

~ Perhaps the whole class could donate towards a gift of 'A Few of Their Favorite Things'. A good thing for the room mom to do at the beginning of the year is give them an intake form.  Their favorite team, color, sweet, restaurant, hobby, etc.

~ Most classrooms now have aides and assistants so you can't leave them out. Each should be given a token of your appreciation which can be shared. A unique box of chocolate always a good thing that says THANK YOU


~ Gift cards are always appreciated, especially since they purchase a lot of their classroom supplies themselves.  Presentation is everything right!



~ For those middle and high school teachers, I made sure to gift them all, but it had to fit into their mailboxes in the office, per my daughters request :) If they were gift cards, they were  always attached to something consumable like cookies or their favorite candy bar, the kids normally know.

Stay tuned for my Grads and Dad's post coming soon!

Creatively yours,

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