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Giving Back

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on 28th Apr 2017

I just love to know that when I'm using or purchasing products that they are giving back in some way. 

There is a wine company called One Hope that a portion of all proceeds goes to different charities, even our fur babies.  They have regular labeled bottles, but why choose regular when you can add a little sparkle! They even come in mini bottles which are perfect for favors for events and weddings. Each color is tied to a different charity. 


I also love Tom's.  They started out with shoes and for every pair sold, a pair was donated .  Now they are offering more products and every product purchased, Tom's helps a person in need.

Then there is Amazon.  Do you know why there is a smile on every box?  They donate a portion of every sale to a charity.  This program is called Amazon Smile. You can choose one of theirs or one of yours.  In order for this to happen though you have to sign into Be sure to set up and sign into Amazon Smile so the next time you order, you are making someone smile!

'Presently' shopping and giving back,

~ Patrice