Failure is a Gift

Failure is a Gift

Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Nov 2017

Entrepreneurs are on the rise according to statistics with solopreneurs coming in a close second.  These careers come with many plusses and many minuses, with failure being at the top.  Failure is actually a step in growth.  We learn from our mistakes.  If you stop learning, you stop growing.

Failure to nurture your business relationships is #1.  Ask yourself ...

What sets you apart from your competition...providing top notch customer service?

How does your name appear in front of your clients...invoices, email, social media?

How do you thank your clients for their email or handwritten note?

Unfortunately in this day and age, this is not enough!

You need to have a strategy in your marketing to make this happen.  Look at your calendar from the week before, who do you need touch in some way? Being consistent with this strategy, your clients will build your business for you.  The cost of keeping your clients is far less then trying to get new.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Whether you send gifts yourself or work with a company that can provide that service for you...Just Do It!!!  Delegation is a good thing. Keep those pipelines greased!

Remember your business etiquette...Say Thank You...for time, gifts, that cup of coffee, get the picture.

Now is a good time to readdress your marketing strategy and ask yourself, how is my name appearing in front of my clients?  Does it appear regularly? Am I top of mind? How do I thank ABC for referring XYZ?  Do I send holidays gifts? Sue had a baby, did I send a congratulations?  Tom is in the hospital, did I send a get well anything?  Bob referred EFG to me, I'll send a thank you IF it turns into business...WRONG ANSWER!


Here at CARRIED AWAY Gifts, we have created programs to help our clients establish and enhance their relationships with their clients and employees. We travel down many avenues with a Birthday Program, Gift of the Month Program, Fundraising, just to mention a few. 

                                         We make it EASY for our clients

                                                            Effortless for YOU

                                                            Accommodate YOU

                                                            Service YOU

                                                            Yes, it's all about YOU!


presently.jpg'Presently', keeping those pipelines greased for clients