Counting My Blessings

Posted by Presently a.k.a Patrice DeHaven on 9th Apr 2020

As we move a little closer to hopefully the end of the 'stay home' order, I am choosing to count my blessings.  Although things have drastically changed for by business along with so many others. Some don't even have businesses any longer and were forced to close doors. 

1. My 90 year old dad is living with us and is healthy

2. My husband who juggles 2 states is here in this state with us

3. My dog is so happy we are all home with him

4. My son's job falls into the 'essential' category so he still has FT pay & benefits

5. My daughter is helping around the house more

6. My granddaughter will be 2 months old this month

7. I'm still able to fulfill gift orders

8. Age wise, there are members of my household that fit into the shop early time slots, dad doesn't count!

9. I'm loving all this no traffic on the roads 

10. I have toilet paper

I've seen great things happening out there.  

1. A friend sent her friend a birthday dinner from her favorite restaurant

2. More phone calls & face time

3. Zoom meetings

4. More people out walking and riding their bikes

5. People finding creative ways to visit the seniors, thru windows and balconys

6. You can still support a business even with no cash flow, write a review on social media

7. Porch drop off gifts, including a roll of toilet paper

8. Neighbors checking on neighbors, especially the seniors and ones living alone

9. Neighbors having happy hours at the end of their driveways BYOB & C (chair)

10. Elton John's iHeart Concert for America, this was totally cool! 

I have 6 nurses in my family and they are exhausted and overwhelmed.  Their stories, you just don't want to know. Thankful for all the 1st responders and those that support them. We wouldn't know what to do without them.  Support them however you can, make those masks or have meals delivered to them or send them a care package ... a win win for everyone. My heart goes out to them.

3 words that drive me up the wall ... 'what's for dinner?'

 Off to make dinner

Creatively yours,