A Few of MY Favorite Things

Posted by Presently A.K.A. ~ Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jan 2018

A Few Of MY Favorite Things

Welcome 2018!

I don't know about you, but 2017 seems like such a blur, As fast as it went by, I have stumbled upon a few things to add to my favorite finds that I'd like to share with you.

1. Everything but the Bagel seasoning from #TraderJoes.  It's a perfect balanced blend that is tasty in a salad or with my bagel & cream cheese.

2. Wine & Garlic seasoning from #TheMeltingPot.  They use it in one of their broths and it's just wonderful.  I asked if they sold it and they do!  I sauté my mushrooms with it, so Delish!

3. Almond Champagne from #CoopersHawkWinery.  I took part in a wine tasting and Almond Champagne was one of the choices. I've never heard of Almond Champagne, and not usually fond of champagne in general unless it's in a mimosa. I was pleasantly surprised. It has been included in quite a few of #CarriedAwayGifts

4. Chocolate Wine from #CoopersHawkWinery. Yes another wine tasting :) I'm a white wine kind of gal, so red isn't usually a pick for me. But another pleasant surprise!  Not something I think you'd purchase without tasting. Red wine with just a hint of chocolate...that was my dessert!

5. Mango Peach Ice Tea from Crystal Light. I just love this refreshing drink, yes even in the dead of winter.

6. WAZE, the GPS directions app on my cell phone.  What did we do before GPS?

7. #SirWalterCandy has the best Black and White cookie I've ever tasted. So happy to include them in #giftbaskets #CarriedAwayGifts inventory along with some of their other delicacies.

8. The Beatles Channel on #SiriusRadio, channel 18. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I'm a fan of #TheBeatles and love this station. They not only play their songs, you learn the stories behind the songs, trivia, and their music other artists have recorded.

9. Ridgetop Coffee & Tea in Sterling. This is such a wonderful place and I don't even drink coffee, which I hear is wonderful. A great place for one to ones and to just have your laptop and work.  It used to be the best kept secret, but not anymore :)

10. Cauliflower pizza crust from #Cali'flourFoods.  When Trader Joes always seems to be out of them as they are so popular, I decided to order a variety pack from #Cali'flourFoods.  Free Shipping. They have flavors. It's healthier.  My family likes them. It's a win win!

You've heard 'brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things'. When I designed #gifts for a few that have everything, here at  #CarriedAwayGifts created 'Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Sting, These Are A Few of MY Favorite Things'.  They were a hit!




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