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Showing Gratitude For Administrative Professionals Day

Posted by 'Presently' A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 15th Apr 2018

                                 &n … read more

Speaking from Experience

Posted by Patrice DeHaven AKA Presently on 11th Feb 2018

It seems I have been sending a lot of sympathy gifts, more then ever.  They haven't been all personal.  A few have been sent by companies, when an employee has lost a love one. It sheds … read more

A Few of MY Favorite Things

Posted by Presently A.K.A. ~ Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Jan 2018

A Few Of MY Favorite ThingsWelcome 2018! I don't know about you, but 2017 seems like such a blur, As fast as it went by, I have stumbled upon a few things to add to my favorite finds that I'd like to … read more
Failure is a Gift

Failure is a Gift

Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 3rd Nov 2017

Entrepreneurs are on the rise according to statistics with solopreneurs coming in a close second.  These careers come with many plusses and many minuses, with failure being at the top.  Fail … read more


Posted by Presently A.K.A. Patrice DeHaven on 29th Oct 2017

Ahhh what great words to live by, 'Attitude of Gratitude'.If we could all do this just a little, this world would be a better place.#CarriedAwayGifts is a business that assists companies, large … read more