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Valentine's Day is just not for lovers

Valentine's Day is not just for lover's anymore. It's a day to shower everyone you care about with some love ♥The obvious is of course 'your significant other' and if you have children in elementary school they always have a party that they exchange Valentines.  For the kids and their parties, it's a big [...]

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Our Wonderful World of Color

Everywhere around us is color. It's just not just on the other side of the rainbow when Dorothy landed in OZ. We can and should use it to stimulate us in many ways from the work place to the bedroom.Pantone Color of this year is a bright and powerful green.  It's called Greenery!  You will find it everywhere in decorating.  [...]

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It's Not Too Late

The holiday season is a crazy time of year. Perhaps sending your clients gifts to let them know you appreciate their business slipped through the cracks.  It's not too late! January is the perfect time to wish them a prosperous new year and send warm wishes. Perhaps your budget got in the way of sending gifts.  It's not too late!  Sending [...]

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Gift & Tipping Guidelines for Your Service Providers

It's Holiday Time and what do you for your service providers?  Your hairdresser, nail lady, pet sitter, delivery men, door men, child care, baby sitter, etc.  We want to show our appreciation for people that provide services to us all year long.  Once you've found your favorites, you wouldn't know what to do without them.  I know [...]

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Cut-throat design competition!

The gift-giving industry has its own associations, trade shows and training to keep business owners and designers on their toes and in the know about new products. I had the opportunity to participate in a “Chopped” style competition for basket design at the National Gift Basket Convention. Such fun!Designers and their teams were given access to a whole array of [...]

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Trend report: Slate servers

Chalkboard paint has been DIY applied like mad to wine glasses, walls and boards this year. For the trendy look in a more classic form, look no further than slate servers. The strong, flat stone lends itself to platters and trays. Slate is naturally weather-proof so it holds up to frequent use and washing. A tablescape set with several slate [...]

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Trend report: DIY gifts

DIY is serious business. Recent numbers from Pinterest reveal that the site has more than 100 million active users! Data also shows Pinterest holds our attention longer than Facebook. Anyone who’s ever lost an evening to Pinterest knows just exactly how addicting it can be. One minute you’re searching for a new color for the living room and the next [...]

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You can do better than flowers

Admin Day is Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Flowers and lunch are the old standbys. This is, after all, a holiday where traditionally men do most of the giving. But you can do better than flowers!Delight your administrative help with something a little different this year.CARRIED AWAY GIFTS offers alternative vase-fillers like our fun and affordable, hand-tied treat bouquets. The products shown [...]

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Have it your way

Think of the best present you ever got…Maybe it was a sweater in your favorite shade of blue. Or a box of candy that brought back your childhood from the first bite. It could have been a fun case for your new phone. My point is that it was probably personal.The best gifts hit their mark because [...]

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Trend report: Techy gifts for all

Solar technology gifts and gadgets aren’t just for business giving – everyone enjoys getting the latest and greatest! Check out some cool products on our radar and think about going high-tech gift baskets for Father’s Day, summer birthdays, customer appreciation gifts or even in Easter Gift Baskets!Solar-powered backup batteriesCharge your phone on a mountain top, read by a [...]

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