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School's Our For Summer ♪ ♫

Posted by Patrice DeHaven on

It's that time of year again ... School's Out For Summer ♪ ♫ ♪

Graduation parties are happening everywhere.  Not only for high school and college, but kindergarten, elementary and middle school too.  Boy have times changed!

Perhaps for the smaller grades, picking a special activity to do with a few friends is the way to go.  Gift ideas for them might be something to use in their new lockers next year.

High school and college celebrations, money and gift cards seem to be the popular and useful gifts.  Why not include it with something useful for the dorm.  It's always fun to unwrap something.  College, pick something that was their major. 

chinese-grad.jpg For the College Graduate with a Chinese major. 

Including a 'candy bar' at the celebration has taken on a whole new meaning! 

candy-bar-grad.jpg'Smarties' Honor 'tootsie' rolls, Student loans '100 grand'

And remember to thank those teachers & bus drivers!


presently.jpg'Presently' creatively gifts for 6 graduation parties!

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