Gift of the Month


Monthly a gift is chosen and designed around the holiday that month or time of year. It’s delivered with a clever tagline and your business card attached.  Purchase 12, the 13th is FREE! It’s interesting to know how clients are using this gift program for themselves. Contact us to see how other clients are utilizing this program.  Below see a couple of examples.

  • BBQ Rubs

    BBQ Rubs

    BBQ Rubs Gift of the Month Program   3 dry seasoning rubs, Cajun, BBQ, & Carribean. Perfect for any cut of meat, chicken or fish. "It's great working with clients like you, & now it's time to BBQ!" 

  • EGG-cellant Chick-a-dee Gift Basket

    EGG-cellant Chick-a-dee Gift Basket

    EGG-cellant Chick-a-dee This colorful mini basket sends the perfect message to your clients Clients like YOU are EGG-actly who I like to work with! Adorable chicken basket filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans & Sunny Seeds chocolate covered sunflower...

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