Flower Alternatives

  • Bouquet - Chocolate Mini

    Bouquet - Chocolate Mini

    Chocolate Ball Mini Bouquet  This mini dessert glass is filled with a bouquet of individually wrapped candy coated chocolate balls.   Easily remove one at a time & enjoy! Perfect for that little something for a teacher, grandmother, aunt...

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  • Bouquet -Strawberry Mini

    Bouquet -Strawberry Mini

    Strawberry Bouquet   This adorable mini candy bouquet is in a mini dessert glass & is full of strawberry filled candies. Just pick off 1 candy at a time & enjoy.  The perfect little sweet something :) 

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  • Bouquet of Gift Cards

    Bouquet of Gift Cards

      Bouquet of Gift Cards This glass vase is filled with an assortment of individually wrapped dark & milk chocolates. Amongst the foilage are gift cards to local hot spots, ie:McDonald's, Burger King, Chipotle, Starbucks, Panera, etc. These are...

  • Candy Basket - Giraffe

    Candy Basket - Giraffe

    Giraffe Candy Basket How cute is this?  A safari or zoo theme party or baby shower, this gift fits in to these occassions flawlessly!  Filled with sweet buttercreme mints and a cute giraffe print bow tops it off. Approximate Size: 9.5"x8"

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  • Candy Basket - Ladybug

    Candy Basket - Ladybug

    Ladybug Gift Basket   Every little girl loves a ladybug!  Here we created an adorable ladybug filled with buttercreme candies and topped off with a whimsical ladybug pick.  Great for a themed party centerpiece as well.   ...

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  • Candy Basket - Music Notes

    Candy Basket - Music Notes

    Music Notes Candy Gift Basket   Are you looking for the perfect gift for your music teacher or someone with a love for music?  Look no further.  This lovely music note coffee cup comes filled with silver buttercreme mints, music note...

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  • Candy Basket - Smilely Face

    Candy Basket - Smilely Face

    Smiley Face Gift Basket   A great gift for someone stuck in the hospital!  This smiley face mug comes filled with smiley face buttermints, a deck of playing cards and a smiley face stressball.  Who needs visitors?   Approximate...

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  • Candy Basket - Tea Time

    Candy Basket - Tea Time

    Tea Time Gift Basket   Mom, Grandma, Co-Worker?  This elegant ceramic tea mug is filled with Classic Iced Tea and Green Tea hard candies and adorned with two lovely feather butterflies and delicate ribbon.  A perfect way to say "you're...

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  • Candy Basket - Thanks A Million

    Candy Basket - Thanks A Million

    Thanks a Million Candy Basket   A treat for your banker, accountant, or anyone you would like to say, "Thank$ A Million" to, this is just the gift.  A re-useable bank that is topped off with money themed buttermints,  coins, an...

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  • HELLO Vase

    HELLO Vase

    HELLO Vase This decorative glass block is filled with an assortment of Lindt HELLO cookie bars. Flavors include cookies & cream, crunchy nougat, caramel brownie, and strawberry cheesecake. Each are individually wrapped.  After all the goodies...

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  • Living Sympathy Gift Basket

    Living Sympathy Gift Basket

    In a time of mourning, plants remind us of life.  This gift includes a live plant along with an assortment of cookies, One Day at a Time coffee, tea and a guardian angel for the garden.  Something for the inside...

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