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Corporate Gifts

The corporate sector is one of our favorite gift categories and encompasses many avenues.  From employees to customers, clients and partners, it’s OUR job to make YOU look good.  Asking lots of key questions, gets your wheels turning and programs are set in place.

Let’s start with your employees… 

Making them feel valued makes for a vested happy employee who likes to come to work! How are you making them feel special? How do you ‘Welcome’ new hires? Do you have a Birthday Program in place? Do you send Get Well gifts?  New Baby Gifts? Sympathy Gifts?  There are so many ways to show that you value your employees and these are just a few areas that we help our corporate clients with employee morale.  One of our favorite clients uses an intake form (getting to know you) for all new employees to complete.  They send it to us and we get carried away in the details customizing a gift just for THEM! How do you think that makes them feel when they receive this delivered to their home!?  You get the picture, so how can we help you with your employee morale? It’s all about how you make them feel!

Customer’s and Clients and Partners too…

In this day and age with technology and the click of a button, clients don’t think twice about outsourcing to the lowest bidder.  It’s easier and more cost effective to keep a customer then seek out new ones. So, ask yourself just how are you retaining your customers and show your appreciation for their business and loyalty?  What do you do when they send you a referral? Do you send Thank You Gifts when a job is complete?  Do you send Holiday Gifts? How does your name stay top of mind? There are many avenues to travel down with marketing.  From print to social media to face to face and so much more. Our Birthday Program would be a great place to start, a surprise in the mail. Our Gift of the Month Program delivers ‘a light touch’ gift which is different every month. Perhaps a Pop-by Program would be the fit for you, gifts to stop by and say Hi! It’s all about how you make them feel.

We provide you with a gift experience!  Call today and let us know how we become an extension of the marketing that you are already doing!